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Honoring Our Oldest Retirees

At our November meeting (November 13th), EERA would like to honor our oldest retirees. If you have been retired 20 or more years, we would love to have your feedback on the following questions. Your responses will be highlighted at our November meeting.

You may respond one of two ways:

1. Send your answers to Debbie Landers-Scott, P.O. Box 1084, Gadsden AL 35902 or her home address which is in your EERA Member Handbook.


2. Send your answers by email to debbielscott@bellsouth.net or to etowaheducationretirees@gmail.com.


1. How many years were you active in education and what were your job experiences?

2. Recall one of your most memorable educational experiences while an active educator.

3. When you look back at the students at the beginning of your service compared to the the end of your career, how would you say they changed or have they?

4. AEA has been a part of Alabama education for a long time. How do you believe that AEA helped you in your career? What would be your advice to educators who are considering dropping their membership? Or what would be your advice to AEA leadership?

5. If you could speak to the educators of today, what advice would you give to them?

6. Other comment of your choice.

Please submit your responses by November 8th so that all responses can be compiled into a presentation. THANK YOU for participating and being part of “The VOICE of Etowah Education Retirees.”


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